Get Your Dental Implants Done At Optimal Dental Care

Optimal Dental Care, located in Irving, Texas is the place to go for all your dental needs. It is praised to be affordable and offers comprehensive services including dental implants. Optimal Dental Car caters to the young and old and does not discriminate based on financial ability. It offers various payment plans, ensuring that you get all the dental care you need while working on payment.

More and more, people are opting to have dental implants in place of gaping holes in their mouth. Dental implants are artificial roots of teeth placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. You may have lost a tooth or two due to periodontal disease or injury or other reasons. That does not mean that you cannot have the smile you so desire anymore. Optimal Dental Care offers both endosteal(in bone) and subperiosteal (on bone) implants depending on each particular patient’s need.

What are some of the dental implant procedure, we specialize in? Over the years, we have carried out several dental implant procedures on many of our patients. They have always been satisfied with our work, going to the extent of referring their friends and family members to us and writing great reviews about us. Surely, all these people cannot be wrong. Some of the dental Implant procedures we offer are:

  • Single tooth replacement
  • Multiple teeth replacement
  • Replacement of all teeth
  • Ridge Modification
  • Sinus Augmentation

Wondering how to care for your new dental implants? Do not worry. At Optimal Dental Care, you will receive a thorough guideline of how you should take care of your implants after the procedure. After all, they will be like your own teeth. You will have to ensure that you follow up with us to monitor your implant and that your teeth and gums are healthy.

We ensure that you get the best possible care by our new serviced list that includes gentle dental care. This involves reviewing medical history from highly qualified dentists who use the latest technologies and treatments to ensure that we are offering the best we possibly can. If you are worried about pain, well, we assure you that you will have a very stress-free procedure since we give sedation dentistry services.

At Optimal Dental Care, our priority is your treatment and comfort. We have taken huge strides to ensuring that our atmosphere is welcoming, serene and comfortable for all our patients. Our staff is highly trained and will ensure that you are treated with respect and professionalism. When you come for your dental implant procedure, you will leave feeling happier than you came in, with a beautiful smile to match.

Are you ready to book your appointment yet? If you are, get in touch with us by visiting our website and filling in your appointment form. You could also get in touch with us by calling our office on 927-252-1600. We are open every Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am-5:00 pm, except on Wednesdays, when we remain closed all day.