Get A Spa Like Treatment At The Dentistry. Try Optimal Dental Care

Do you want a day at the spa without having to part with loads of money? Why not try visiting your dental office. You can enjoy a relaxing spa experience while getting all the dental procedures you need. Our world-class team of professionals will attend to all aspects of your dental health while you relax in a tranquil environment and enjoy our various spa treatments.

We at optimal Dental Care believe that you should be able to enjoy your visit to the dentist. Leaving with no stresses and feeling completely relaxed. We aim to achieve this though:

A spa-like environment – Relax in our serene and comfortable environment while we take care of your dental health. We offer an environment of tranquility and relaxation. Our offices have warm colours and you will leave feeling at peace.
Cosmetic Dentistry – The best aspect of us offering a spa-like treatment at the dentistry is that you will not only leave feeling better than when you first came into our offices, but how you look will also be enhanced. We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services that you can choose from with the guidance of our readily available experts
General and Family Dentistry – One of the aspects we pride ourselves in is that our patients keep coming back to us. They have complete trust in our services and bring along all their friends and family. Our atmosphere is one which we do not discriminate regardless of age or gender. Everyone is entitled to experience the comfort of our services.

Let us pamper you as you have your procedure done. Why not try a hand or foot massage as you are getting a root canal or any of our other dental services? We will have soothing background music that will make you lose yourself in the moment and forget all your stresses.

Here are some of the services we offer alongside our spa-like treatment at Optimal Dental Care:

We assure you that you will leave our offices with a smile on your face for more than one reason. Your teeth will be healthy and bright and you will have such a relaxing spa-like experience that your friends will not even believe that you had such an amazing experience at the dentistry. Our staff is not only trained to cater to all your dental needs but also to your psychological and emotional well-being. Get A Spa Like Treatment At The Dentistry

Find out how you can book for your next spa-like treatment at the dentistry by visiting our website and filling in the appointment form or call the Optimal Dentist Care office on 972-252-1600. our offices are open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00am-5:00 pm except Wednesdays when we remain closed. We are always happy to receive new clients and even happier when our existing patients refer other people because then we know that what we are offering really has an effect.